Self-defence Workshops

The most serious obstacle in one’s safety is the fallacy that “I am safe” or “this can’t happen to me” or “this can never happen with me” and this dangerous thinking leads to carelessness and then the happening of uncalled incidents.

As we are living in an increasingly violent world, personal safety is very important for women. There are various nonprofit organizations which are active in creating and spreading awareness of safety among women


Meaning of awareness

The definition of awareness is a state of knowing and being informed of something

Meaning of safety-awareness

Safety awareness is a constant realization that every worker should have at all times

Pushpanjali's role

The PHSWF reaches out to individuals and corporate partners as well as schools, colleges, universities, public and government agencies and encourages them to help promote the message that sexual assault and other violence against women and teens must not be supported.

PHSWF also provides a platform to the victims of sexual assault and violence where they can “Become a Voice” and share their tragic and triumph stories and help others in building self confidence and self-esteem.

The key objective here is to sponsor or fund the costs of educational programs on women safety issues and make an effort to decrease and ultimately prevent crimes against women.

Another goal of the PHSWF is to provide fund for other women safety awareness related activities such as spreading awareness and information about safety programs and campaigns and distribution of informational and resource materials while recommending and urging education, prevention, and self-protection.

Workshops Impact

It is confidence in our body, mind and spirits that allow us to keep looking for new adventures

Instilled self-confidence

It is confidence in our body, mind and spirits that allow us to keep looking for new adventures

Gain Protection Skills

Risk Awareness:

 Developing a risk management plan for your business is an effective way to provide a safe workplace for your staff and prevent safety incidents. A risk management plan includes an assessment of risks, a business security plan incorporating staff safety, measures to control risks, and staff training in risk identification and management.

Natural Weapon:

  1. Footwear
  2. Hair Pins
  3. Safety Pins

Protection Kit:

  1. Pepper spray
  2. Stun gun
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